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Maximum Growth With Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFTsMaximum Growth With Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFTs

Maximum Growth With Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFT!

The outdoor PLĂ…NTZ #2 season has opened. For the 2024 outdoor season, PLĂ…NTZ has 100,000 hemp plants NFTs available, which can be purchased between December 1, 2023 until sowing in April 2024.
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Why buy Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFTs?

Sustainable project

Sustainable & future-oriented regional project.

Austrian quality

Cultivation and processing takes place in Austria.

NFT - Non-Fungible Tokens

100,000 Outdoor PLÅNTZ NFT - at €100 per NFT.

Fixed term

Term until December 31, 2024 - payment week 1/2025.

25% crop yield

Yield is fixed at 25% and is guaranteed by us.

Pay with crypto

Buy your outdoor NFT with Crypto and SEPA.
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100,000 plants

In 2024 we will grow 100,000 plants. Sowing is planned for April - depending on the weather. The harvest will then be again in September 2024.

Here comes the best:

If you buy 10 or more Outdoor NFTs, you will get extra Outdoor NFT Harvests as a bonus.

For example

If you buy 33 Outdoor NFTs for €100 each in December, you will receive 6 Outdoor NFT Harvests as a bonus.

It looks like this, for example:

33 Outdoor NFT x €125 = €4,125
6 bonus outdoor harvests x €25 = €150
Total: €4,275

And there's even more in December:

For every 10 Outdoor NFTs purchased, we add 2.0 Outdoor NFT harvests as a bonus.

In January and February:

For every 10 Outdoor NFTs purchased, you will receive 1.0 Outdoor NFT harvests as a bonus. Bonus harvests are valued and paid out at €25.


From March until sowing you can buy the Outdoor NFT for €100. There are no more bonus harvests.

100€ >> 125€

The outdoor NFTs themselves are valued and paid out at €125.

This is your chance...

...get in big and benefit from our expansion. Do not miss out!
Outdoor PlĂĄntz NFT #1 2023

About Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFT

In order to keep the tracking and technical implementation over the entire cycle from becoming too complicated and to ensure the same conditions and opportunities for every NFT holder, all plants are offered under a generally valid NFT and based on the proven yields and values of the respective breeder a flat rate return.

An outdoor NFT costs €100 and has a fixed term until December 31, 2024. The yield is fixed at 25% and is guaranteed by us.
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How much do I earn per Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFT?

Here you can find your harvest yields per Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ and cycle for 2024.
How does PLANTZ work?

Harvest yield per year

25% for 2024

Harvest cycle/term

Until December 31, 2024

Number of Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFT


Sales start

December 1, 2023

End of sale

At the start of sowing

Grow Location


Plant species



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Why do we use NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital certificates that represent a unique digital asset and prove its ownership. They are used to monetize and sell digital art, music, videos, collectibles and other digital content.

A big advantage of NFTs is that they allow artists and creators to profit directly from their works, rather than a third party claiming ownership and profits.

NFTs also enable easy and secure transfer of ownership of digital goods by ensuring the uniqueness of the asset and protecting it from piracy.

At PLĂ…NTZ we take advantage of all these advantages of NFTBlockchain technology to firstly ensure your rights to the crop yields, secondly to be able to transfer your rights and thirdly to make your rights tamper-proof.
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Why cannabis?

We are setting up a large sustainable regional project with our partners and have therefore decided on CBG and CBD plants.

CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) are both natural compounds derived from the hemp plant. Both have various potential health benefits.

CBD is often used as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and anti-anxiety agent. It is also being studied to see if it can be helpful in treating epilepsy, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and other health problems.

CBG has a similar effect to CBD, but it also has a calming effect on the immune system and is being studied to see if it can help treat infections and inflammation. It is also being studied to see if it may be helpful in treating glaucoma and osteoporosis.

Neither CBD nor CBG have the same effect as THC and do not get you high.
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Frequently asked questions before purchasing PlĂĄntz NFT.

Is there a limit to Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ?

Yes, we will offer exactly 100,000 PLANTZ for sale.

Why 100,000 Outdoor PLANTZ?

The amount is based on the products we will produce in 2025.

How often is the harvest paid out?

Only once in the first week of 2025. There are no other payouts like the Indoor PLĂ…NTZ.

Are there affiliate commissions for Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ?

As with the Indoor PLĂ…NTZ, you will also receive 10% commission here.

What happens to my Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFT?

Your outdoor NFT would basically have no use once you receive your harvest.

However, we have thought about doing goodies, events and other things in the future that will bring you further benefits if you keep your NFT in your wallet.

Partners and available space?

We are also well positioned for the season in terms of available areas with 15 hectares and strong regional partners in Austria and have the appropriate harvesting technology and infrastructure for harvesting, drying and subsequent processing already available.

How can I pay for my PlĂĄntz?

As a crypto company, we currently primarily offer cryptocurrencies. If you don't own any cryptocurrencies, you can also pay using SEPA bank transfer.

How often is harvested per year?

Unlike the indoor PLĂ…NTZ, the outdoor PLĂ…NTZ only has one cycle in 2024.

What is the schedule?

- Sale of the NFT: December 1st, 2023 until seeding
- Field preparation: mid-April
- Sowing: mid-April - mid-May (depending on weather conditions and variety)
- Growth phase: May - ~July
- Flowering phase: July - August/September/October
- Harvest: September/October
- Drying: October
- Processing & Production: October - December
- First earnings result: November
- Payout: December 31, 2024

How long do I own my Outdoor PLĂ…NTZ NFTs?

You have the right to make 25% in crop yields in 2024. The NFTs are yours forever.

Do I have to sell my NFT to get the purchase price of my NFT back?

No. Unlike the indoor NFT, with this project you will receive the value of your purchased NFT + the earnings of 25%.

What happens to the harvest?

In the last few months it has become clear that, in addition to the flowers from indoor production, other products based on the extract of the hemp plant have developed more strongly. Since in indoor production we primarily have the flower as the end product and the "waste" for extraction only makes up a small part, this will not be enough to produce corresponding amounts of extract in the future.

Mission: Research, Development & Sustainability.

Another important purpose of the extensive outdoor production lies in the by-products such as the fibers and the shives. From the very beginning, we as PLĂ…NTZ have worked to expand into other areas such as the construction sector or textile production. The first outdoor harvest in 2024 will be the first step in this direction and will enable initial experiments with the fibers and shives for the production of hemp bricks, hemp insulation, hemp bedding for animals and much more.

What is the breakdown of the planned total return?

We are assuming a total volume of around 100 tons for the 2024 harvest. In the first step, we will cut the best, most beautiful and largest head buds from the plants by hand. These flowers are then also offered as smoking products as an alternative to the PLĂ…NTZ indoor flowers. In terms of quantity, this will be limited to approx. 2% of the total mass and is by far sufficient for this purpose.

The majority of the harvest, approximately 70% (approximately 70 tons), consisting of the remaining flowers, leaves and smaller stems, is used as biomass for extraction. We already have buyers for around 3/4 of the biomass. The rest is used for our own products, such as oils, extracts, cosmetics, etc.

The approximately 10 tons of fibers and approximately 20 tons of shives will be used for our first pilot project in the field of building with hemp with a well-known company from the construction industry.

Of course, we will always keep you up to date on these developments :)

Are you ready to start with Outdoor PlĂĄntz NFT?

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What do others say about PLĂ…NTZ?

  • Entrepreneurial risks exist in practically every company. I am involved in PLĂ…NTZ because I believe that the potential return is in good proportion to the risk. So far I can only report positive things and I find the project very exciting. PLĂ…NTZ is breaking new ground with the NFT and thus has something that no other company in this field offers.

    The people behind it are German-speaking, transparent and publicly visible.

    Every question is answered immediately and competently.

    Possibility to visit the hall. Thus, everyone has the chance to convince themselves of the authenticity of the company.

    When you buy, you get a proper invoice directly as a PDF.

    I am happy that I have found PLĂ…NTZ and I am very excited about what is planned for the future (outdoor, online store etc.).
    Katja Krammling, gauntlet cult
    Katja Krammling
  • Hello dear egrower,
    am excited about PLĂ…NTZ! The company in the cannabis market, with a new approach. The team is super helpful and everything is very transparent. Bought my first PLĂ…NTZ/NFT and will buy more. Company with very great potential...keep it up!
    Canna Farm Sascha Kraft
    Sasha force
  • Pläntz brings e-growing to a new level. In my opinion, crowdgrowing 2.0. The pairing of cannabis plants and their locations on NFT's makes the whole thing extremely transparent and customer-friendly. That the NFT'S can be resold in the future Marketplace, promises to the very high security for the E-Grower. In addition, Pläntz is the first company to offer such a combination!
    Simple Cash Marcel Bekcer
    Marcel Becker
    @Simple Cash
  • 🌱 In my eyes, Plaentz is an innovative and transparent crowdgrower on the legal European cannabis market (swiss made🇨🇭). The online grower (e-grower) receives, in addition to realistic, regular and comparatively high harvest yields, a participation in the plant value with the state-of-art approach of NFT's. This blockchain innovation allows me to trade my plant space on the company's own marketplace and thereby, make further profits. The highly respected hemp magazine🌿 in the cannabis scene acts as a "godfather" and thus rounds off the overall picture and creates trust🤝.
    Stefano Angeopolus Your Cannabis Investor
    Stefano Angelopoulos

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