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Quality and nature combined for your well-being - discover the world of hemp products.
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Hemp products from PLÅNTZ

Hemp products from PLÅNTZ

At PLÅNTZ we not only sell NFTs, but also serve an existing economic cycle with hemp products. Our top priority is that we do not grow more than we can process and sell and that we also use the entire hemp plant.
In addition to the flowers and seeds, PLÅNTZ also uses all by-products such as leaves, trimmings, stems and roots for the production of a wide range of products from the CBD, cosmetics and food sectors.
We produce our entire product portfolio ourselves as naturally as possible and only with the most necessary processing steps and only purchase other raw materials such as shea butter, spruce resin, stone pine oil, coconut oil, pea protein or sea salt from the best sources.
Fairly Regional, Sustainable, Homemade

Fair, regional, sustainable, homemade

We cover most processing and production steps internally with our own know-how and machinery. From the seed to the finished product, we have everything in our own hands, we know exactly where our hemp comes from, we can incorporate many years of acquired knowledge into the processing and ultimately offer our customers a high-quality, fairly and sustainably produced product. Throughout the entire process, sustainability is not only at Buzzword, but also an incentive for us to not only reduce the potential of PLÅNTZ to the hemp plant but to exploit it in as many other areas as possible, such as production, packaging and logistics.

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