PLANTZ NFTs buy online - Best alternative to Juicy FieldsPLANTZ NFTs buy online - Best alternative to Juicy Fields

Our vision

Hemp is our passion - the blockchain is the vehicle.

With PLÅNTZ we work every day to convey the special benefits of hemp in everyday life to a wide range of people.

Hemp is so versatile, offers solutions to everyday problems and offers space for thousands of product developments that can be implemented better, healthier and more sustainably with hemp than with conventional materials. Particularly good examples of this are hemp plastic or building materials made from hemp, as they are sustainably produced from renewable raw materials and are compostable or recyclable up to 100 % without damaging our earth in any way.

In this context, PLÅNTZ is developing approaches and concepts that will merge over time into a comprehensive hemp crypto ecosystem that will not only be accessible to us and our community, but will connect the entire industry and also make the world a better place should.

Accessible for young and old, our goal is to implement our measures in such a way that, with a healthy mix of conservative approaches and innovative concepts, we do not build castles in the air, but rather communicate comprehensible processes that we stand behind with our names and that every partner and friend of PLÅNTZ can carry with a clear conscience and joy into the world that we want to improve and protect together.

PLANTZ Roadmap

In the making – 08/2022

  • Display of the purchased NFTs
  • Affiliate program update
  • Design upgrade website
  • Start of the first cultivation

Q3 – 2022

  • Store launch with products
  • BSC NFTs Implementation
  • Mother plants NFTs

Q4 – 2022

  • Preparation for Outdoor PLÅNTZ 2023
  • Expansion of the ecosystem
  • New Products
  • New plant categories
  • Marketplace for NFTs


  • Outdoor PLÅNTZ Presale
  • First outdoor cultivation
  • Tokens

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