Secure and transparent crop yields thanks to blockchain technology in an ever-growing billion-dollar market!
PLÅNTZ - Lifetime Growth - with PLÅNTZ NFTs
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PLÅNTZ takes crowd-growing to a new level. With our team consisting of experts from both the hemp and crypto industries, we combine 2 worlds with enormous growth potential.

At PLÅNTZ, we are committed to quality on the one hand, where we do not cut corners. In our Swiss production, we not only grow, but above all conduct plant research. With this background, we guarantee that we always have our finger on the pulse and thus combine the best quality with maximum yields.

This all happens at PLÅNTZ Blockchain-based using NFT's, because we love transparency, security and future-oriented planning.
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Passive crop yields with PLÅNTZ Hemp NFTs

How much do I earn per PLÅNTZ NFT?

Here you can find your crop yields per PLÅNTZ.
How does PLANTZ work?

Harvest yield per year

35% per year

Yield per harvest

8.75% per harvest

Harvest cycle

Every 3 months

Number of PLÅNTZ NFTs

20.000 pcs. PLÅNTZ

Grow Location


Plant species



Buy once, profit lifetime



Buy your PLÅNTZ NFT in your desired grow cycle!

From now on you can choose in which growing cycle you would like to receive your harvest yields. This should help you plan your passive income efficiently.

This means that from April 1, 2023 you will always have 3 rooms to choose from with different grow cycles in which you can buy your indoor NFTs.
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PLÅNTZ grow cycle 1
Grow cycle 1
PLÅNTZ grow cycle 2
Grow cycle 2
PLÅNTZ growing cycle 3
Grow cycle 3


Frequently asked questions before buying Plåntz NFTs.

What happens if a room is not sold out by harvest?

If this is the case, then all the earnings that were not sold remain with PLÅNTZ. There is no special distribution or anything else.

Can I buy NFTs over time in a space that is already growing?

Yes! The NFTs are available per room until all 1,000 pcs are sold out.

When will 10%, 20% or other price advantages be available again?

In the future there will be price advantages only if you buy your NFTs with the PLZ Coin.

In which grow cycle does the next room start?

The next room always starts when a room has been sold out in the respective grow cycle.

Ex: In grow cycle 2, one room was sold out, so the next room will be started there.

Is there a limit to the number of plants I can own at PLÅNTZ?

No, the quantity of plants is not limited. However, our volume is limited to 20 rooms to guarantee the quality and thus keep our promise.
For larger partners we also offer to buy whole rooms of 1,000 plants each, exclusively.

Can I see my NFT on the blockchain?

Yes, so far the NFTs are only available on the TRON Blockchain and can be viewed via TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer. In the near future, we will additionally bring the PLÅNTZ NFT to the BSC Blockchain in order to reach further target groups and to keep any system-related risks as minimal as possible in the long run.

How can I pay for my Plåntz?

As a crypto company, we currently offer mainly cryptocurrencies. Currently you can pay PLÅNTZ with BTC,TRX, BNB, USDT, TUSD, USDC,BUSD. If you don't own any cryptocurrencies, you can also pay via SEPA bank transfer.

How often is harvested per year?

In the current planning we harvest 4 times per year. However, with further optimization and possibly additional plant genetics, we have the potential to implement 5 runs per year in the future, which will then have a positive effect on the profit balance.

What does Lifetime mean at PLANTZ?

Lifetime means that the planting site is tied to the NFT for life. As long as you hold the NFT, you also own the planting site and thus also the claim to the harvest yield.

How long do I own my plant spaces?

Your plant slots belong to you for life - lifetime, as long as you do not sell your NFTs via our marketplace (coming soon). So you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep your plant locations for the long term and thus generate long-term, passive crop yields, or whether you want to sell them once for a profit.

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Why NFT?

The blockchain is the future and offers many advantages over classic models. Through the blockchain-based implementation and our plants as NFT, we offer our users the possibility to manage their plants flexibly and also self-determined via our marketplace (coming soon!) Transfer and resell with profit.

In doing so, we offer full transparency over every process and also many other advantages as an NFT holder. Everyone can make their own decisions at PLÅNTZ, bet on another future market and profit twice from the synergy effects.
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Why cannabis?

Cannabis is on the rise worldwide. Our partners are not only involved in the field of CBD or medicinal cannabis, but also in food and building material production, raw material trade and research and development around the hemp plant. All of the above-mentioned areas together record several hundred percent growth per year and are thus moving more and more into the center of society.

We have been using this trend since 2014 and with PLÅNTZ we now offer a large mass of people the opportunity to profit from this growth market together with us. Through our network, we already distribute CBD products throughout Europe. With PLÅNTZ, we can work even more competitively due to better margins and at the same time let the crowd, as you, participate in the sales.
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What do others say about PLÅNTZ?

  • Entrepreneurial risks exist in practically every company. I am involved in PLÅNTZ because I believe that the potential return is in good proportion to the risk. So far I can only report positive things and I find the project very exciting. PLÅNTZ is breaking new ground with the NFT and thus has something that no other company in this field offers.

    The people behind it are German-speaking, transparent and publicly visible.

    Every question is answered immediately and competently.

    Possibility to visit the hall. Thus, everyone has the chance to convince themselves of the authenticity of the company.

    When you buy, you get a proper invoice directly as a PDF.

    I am happy that I have found PLÅNTZ and I am very excited about what is planned for the future (outdoor, online store etc.).
    Katja Krammling natural fashion
    Katja Krammling
  • Hello dear egrower,
    am excited about PLÅNTZ! The company in the cannabis market, with a new approach. The team is super helpful and everything is very transparent. Bought my first PLÅNTZ/NFT and will buy more. Company with very great potential...keep it up!
    Canna Farm Sascha Kraft
    Sasha force
  • Pläntz brings e-growing to a new level. In my opinion, crowdgrowing 2.0. The pairing of cannabis plants and their locations on NFT's makes the whole thing extremely transparent and customer-friendly. That the NFT'S can be resold in the future Marketplace, promises to the very high security for the E-Grower. In addition, Pläntz is the first company to offer such a combination!
    Simple Cash Marcel Bekcer
    Marcel Becker
    @Simple Cash
  • 🌱 In my eyes, Plaentz is an innovative and transparent crowdgrower on the legal European cannabis market (swiss made🇨🇭). The online grower (e-grower) receives, in addition to realistic, regular and comparatively high harvest yields, a participation in the plant value with the state-of-art approach of NFT's. This blockchain innovation allows me to trade my plant space on the company's own marketplace and thereby, make further profits. The highly respected hemp magazine🌿 in the cannabis scene acts as a "godfather" and thus rounds off the overall picture and creates trust🤝.
    Stefano Angeopolus Your Cannabis Investor
    Stefano Angelopoulos

Current roadmap

Coming Soon

  • Vending machines / container shop
  • PLÅNTZ Hemp Wear Collection
  • PLÅNTZ hemp as a building material
  • Listing PLZ Coin on BingX

Q3 - 2023

  • Blog start
  • CI & redesign

Q4 - 2023

  • Expansion of the ecosystem with new products and plant categories

Q4 - 2023

  • PLÅNTZ Office/Warehouse/Showroom
  • Hemp tiny houses

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