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carefully checked
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from our own plantation
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regional production
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Highest quality
sustainably produced

Shelled hemp seeds – 250g


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The peeled hemp seeds are produced in cooperation with a regional partner. The peeling machine is one of the machines that we do not yet have in our own machine park and therefore we rely on a long-standing partner who peels our seeds for us in very high quality. We make sure that the seeds are damaged as little as possible and that the entire process takes place under strict conditions and high standards. The peeled hemp seeds are a real protein bomb and contain many important nutrients. Our peeled hemp seeds are very versatile in the kitchen, whether as a topping for salads, as part of the morning cereal routine, in smoothies, for making your own hemp milk, in bread, other baked goods or desserts – no matter where, the hemp seeds are a real rocket with their nutty aroma.

INGREDIENTS: Shelled hemp seeds* (Cannabis sativa L.)*from controlled organic cultivation.


Calorific value 2639 kJ/638 kcal

Fat 55.7g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 3.2g
carbohydrates 2.0g
of which sugar 2.0g
Salt 0.001g

May contain traces of gluten due to production reasons. Store in a dry, dark place, protect from heat. Hemp seeds from the EU.

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