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plaentz decanter

PLÅNTZ - decanter


The PLÅNTZ decanter is 28 cm in size and therefore fits on any shelf. Thanks to the simple beaker bong shape with ice catcher and the PLÅNTZ finish, it is truly unique and can be used by connoisseurs, patients and leisure enthusiasts alike.

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Product details

Detailed information about the PLÅNTZ decanter:

Height 28cm
Pipe diameter 4cm
Wall thickness 5mm
Glass type Borosilicate glass
Cut size 14.5mm
Ice use Yes
Contain Chillum & head 14mm cut

Delivery time: 14 days – each decanter is unique and is made to order.


Cleaning the PLÅNTZ decanter:

You can safely clean the decanter with all chemical and non-chemical cleaning agents. The PLÅNTZ finish was sandblasted with the hemp and cannot be washed off or destroyed.

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